Introduction of Soyo High School Wadaiko Club
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The Soyo High School is located in Odawara city in Kanagawa Pref. Japan having Wadaiko Club (Japanese Traditional Drumming Club) which is very rare as High School activities.
At this moment (July 2009) about 50 students are playing Wadaiko and they all started Wadaiko at this club. 
About 20 to 30 concerts including inner activities as well as outers are carried out annualy such as local summer festivales or field day so forth.
Since they practice so hard and seriously, their play is so much fan to look at and so amusing to listen to.
Some originals and some traditionals are practiced and played including their own arrangement. 
Becase of their youth power, the play is so energetic and rythmical. Hope you have a chance to attend a concert one day.
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