Soyo Daiko played at Meiji-jingu on Jul 23 & 24
Traditional Art Festival in trees
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演奏:明治神宮・宝物殿前特設ステージ 7月23日、24日 各2回       Return
明治神宮 本殿です
Main shrine
Between first stage and second stage
Ritual dance with a lion's mask
Time for lunch
沖縄の楽器を練習中 NHK、 「こんにちはいっと6けん」の生中継です
NHK broadcasted live stage today
Big Taiko
余力のある部員達 オーストリアから観光に見えたピーターさんご夫妻 Mr & Mrs Peter さあ、最 後のステージが始まりました
Last stage
I met with Mr. and Mrs. Peter right after the first stage of SoyoDaiko. Mr. Peter told us ,,,,"I have visited over 70 countries but I have never seen something like that. It was very, very nice ". We talked many things about education, culture, school system so forth. They are from Austria as summer vacation for 10 days in Japan. I was very happy to talk to him since he was so excited of Soyo Daiko. ARIGATO Peter san. Please write to us at
「えっさ 小田原」はどこでも人気のある演目です。楽しく元気に”えっさ、えっさ、、、”と飛び、踊ります
"Essa-Odawara was wrote by Mr. Kobayashi of SoyoDaiko based on a kid's song called Osaruno Kagoya".
Everybody like this song and dance. We like it too.
この猛暑 のせいでしょうか、人では今ひとつ。お陰さまで芝生が奇麗に写っています
Did you say, Where are guests?,,,Never mention about that. We enjoyed very much. That' enough.
「三宅」 です A song called MIYAKE a traditional one 「三崎の ぶちあわせ太鼓」です
A song called Buchiawase Daiko.
アンコー ルを頂いて、最後に「秩屋台囃子」を演奏しました
Also played well known "Chichibu Yatai Bayashi".
相洋太鼓以外にも沢山出し物があって、楽 しく過ごしました。でもちょっと暑かったですね〜。部員一名気分が優れず、車で涼しい場所に運ばれました。お疲れ様でした
It was a very hot day but we enjoyed very much seeing SoyoDaiko and other performances. We spent a nice summer day. But it was veeeery hot indeed.
大きな太鼓 神式の婚礼ですね NHKの生中継では、沖縄の踊りに混ざっ て相洋太鼓が少しだけ写りました。ちょっと残念 (写真はテレビの画面)
Left: One of big Taiko made of one piece wood. It was about 1.8meter diameter.
Right: Japanese traditional style wedding. I have not seen this style many years so I also very enjoyed seeing them.
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